About us

Born in France, Dominique CHANTEPIE cultivated his passion for the food when he was only 7, helping in the kitchen his mother of 7 boys, while she was working on the farm. At the age of 15, he decided to learn the art of pastry, and then moved to Paris after graduating.

Few years later, Dominique’s desire to travel and discover new sights, smells, and flavors brought him to Montreal. His first position was as a Pastry Chef, where he found himself challenged to create a new dessert repertoire.

His journey took him to California, where he met his wife Florence. They decided to settle down in Los Angeles, then later on, San Diego. Their dream of opening their own restaurant became a reality in 1991.

They then opened their first French Café and Bakery, and started to work at a new concept of Breakfast and Lunch place, European style with a wide variety of Pastries, Specialty Cakes, Wedding Cakes, and Artisan Bread.

In 2004, they decided to travel again, took their 2 children in different countries to experience other foods and cultures.

After doing business in France, running a hotel restaurant on the west coast, they decided to come back to the USA, and picked CHARLESTON, SC. In 2014, having opened a successful French Café in Mount Pleasant, with two business partners, Dominique and Florence went on their own.

Café Framboise is the result of many years of partnership of its owners, both experienced in the food industry, Baking and Cooking, specialized in French Patisserie, where guests can enjoy a variety of sweet and savory selections in an inviting, tranquil and modern environment.

Dominique and Florence welcome you to discover a little bit of “Paris” in Charleston, SC.

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