Baked Goods

Chocolate Croissant

This French kids's favorite snack is made out of a Puff Pastry dough, double Swiss Chocolate Bar, Crispy on the outside, melts in your mouth....

Butter Croissant

Number One seller in France, Our Butter Croissant are Fresh and Crispy just like in Paris...

Almond Croissant

Butter Croissant, filled and covered with Almond Cream, Topped with Sliced Almond, baked again until the elbows of the croissant are nice and crispy.


Our favorite treat here at Café Framboise, Rich, Sweet Flavor and Flaky Texture, makes it feel like your are eating a pastry...


Many more Viennoiseries are awaiting for you...., Apricot, Cheese, Pain au Raisin, Cinnamon roll.... All made with Puff Pastry dough.


From Blueberry Banana Bran, to Cranberry Orange, our Muffins are moist and tasty, Made from scratch, with natural ingredients.


Our Homemade Large Cookies, are lightly crispy and soft in the inside. Come and Discover our different varieties....

Café Framboise offers delicious fresh-baked Gourmet Cookies, Palmiers, Brownies, and many more........

Cakes & Pastries

What's the secret of our signature home style cake?
The anwser is...
Our homemade recipes and high quality ingredients.

Like Fresh Milk, Cream, Belgian Dark Chocolate,Premium Green Tea and Fresh Seasonal Fruits.

Individual Pastries

Because we should all eat dessert first.....

CaféFramboise is known to be a neighborhood artisan café.
Enjoy various kinds of goodies freshly baked from the oven every day.
Our homemade recipes and high quality ingredients.

From Mille Feuille, to Opera, but also French Macaron and Chocolate Eclair, you will always find at Cafe Framboise your favorite French Patisserie.